Om Sai braodband and Cable Network is one of the premier Broadband Service Providers in Pune. We provide low cost, yet reliable internet services. Whether you are an enterprise level user or a small home user, we have a suitable internet solution for you.

Our network is a combination of in house ports that let us setup the best service in the market. This combination brings us to give our customers the best possible internet service available. Email Us at :- mail@gmail.com

We are no. 1...WHY?

  • Unlimited Internet access for fixed amount
  • Enjoy speeds of up to 100 Mbps*
  • With Always-On Internet access you can run anything from mail servers to FTP sites
  • High Speed Internet Device Bandwidth-on-Demand .
  • You can scale up the speed of your connection as per your requirement.

We have more than1000+ satisfied clientsin the Pune!